Is Growth Hacking Another Buzzword?

Growth hacking buzzword

The latest article by Dan Kaplan on engines of growth, has reignited the debate about growth hacking. The same questions and arguments crop up again and again, each time we start discussing sense of growth hacking, or rather it’s name. Is it any different than online marketing? Is it something new that wasn’t done before? And my personal favorite: isn’t growth hacking just another buzzword?

 YES, it is!

21 User Activation Hacks You Need To Know

User activation

Some people think that acquisition is the most important part of the funnel, but the truth is that getting visitors on your website is just the first step – you need to focus on later stages of the funnel just as much as the first one.

Activation is the process of turning your visitors into users that stay on your website and perform an action – not just any action, but precisely the action you want: leaving their email address, buying or simply clicking a button.

Just like every other stage of the funnel, this should be measured at every stage and in every way you can think of. Why? Because the more you measure, the better you will understand your users – why they leave and why they stay – and this is the information you need in order to increase the number who stay.

Below are 21 user activation hacks that will help you understand your visitors and slash that annoying bounce rate.

What People In Stock Photos Don’t Know About Good Landing Pages

Landing page what

First impressions matter. We do judge books by their covers, why would the publishing industry put so much effort into designing them otherwise? It’s also why authors who self-publish ebooks are routinely advised to employ a professional designer for their covers. For most startups, their product landing pages are the equivalent – it is arguably the single most important location that has a bearing on product success.

21 User Acquisition Growth Hacks You Need To Know

user acquisition

If you are reading this post, most probably the first step to online success is already behind you – your product is live, congrats! Unfortunately, that’s half of your way. Remember, even a great product is not enough to win over the crowd of customers.

Although gaining new users requires time and a lot of effort, it’s easier when you know exactly what to do. What’s more, you don’t have to spend loads of dollars.

You better start working – here you’ll find 21 awesome ways to growth hack your online business!

5 Must-Read Articles for Growth Hackers – January Edition

Growth hacking news

I have prepared a quick summary of most interesting articles that showed up last month. I highly encourage you to read them thoroughly as they are amazing pieces of valuable content. To convince you, I prepared a little summary of each.

5 Must-Read Articles for Growth Hackers – December Edition

Growth hacking news

Welcome to a new year, and the new edition of our monthly round-up of the best growth hacking articles and materials. If you think I’ve missed something tremendously important, let me know in the comments!

Affiliate Marketing – Why You Should Partner Up

Affiliate marketing fist bump

In the growth phase of a company marketers use the most commonly known marketing channels like social media, search engine optimisation, content marketing etc but as the company starts to hit the product market fit the problem of growth becomes a little more complicated and marketers look for more lucrative channels for rapid growth.

Oh my God, Krakow! On the power of social hashtag.


Incredible things happen in Krakow. Careful observers of the Polish startup scene probably know that for some time now on Facebook and Twitter the #OMGKRK hashtag can be seen ever more often. It is not a coincidence nor, against what the skeptics might have claimed, a temporary anomaly. This informal brand, maybe rather something like a flag or an emblem, has momentarily united plenty of people. They have set themselves a single goal – to jointly create the coolest startup community in this part of the globe.

5 Must-Read Articles for Growth Hackers – November Edition

Growth hacking news

Another crop of top-notch articles for anyone into growth hacking (and all the areas that form part of it). If you happened to be asleep or in a cave through November, this is what you missed.

The alternative to a Growth Hacker?

ninja growth hackers

Starting a new venture is undoubtedly a challenging task. An entrepreneur needs courage, dedication and patience to face the daily challenges while persisting in the dream of making a product that meets a need in the market. However, making that product is not the end. The old adage: ‘If you build it, they will come,’ doesn’t hold true anymore.