ASO – 11 Ways To Increase You App Downloads

app store optimization

If you have an entrepreneurial mind (and if you’re reading this, the chances are that you do) you are probably able to see real-life problems that no one has solved yet. In a lot of cases, a solution can be provided in form of a mobile app – like these:

“I always forget what I have to do” – Wunderlist, there you go.

“I wish I could see where my friends are in real time” – Glimpse, five seconds.

“It’s a shame I don’t know how many miles I ran this morning” – Endomondo, now you know.

Developing a life-changing app is fairly easy, it just depends on one thing – money. There are multiple ways to get hold of that money, but I’m not going to discuss that now. Once your app is released, there is still one challenge that can stand in your way – distribution. Even though there are only a few markets to go for (iPhone, Android, Windows), your app listing can seem like it’s almost entirely out of your control. Or is it? Read More


Email is an often overlooked growth hacking tool. But if done right, you can see huge gains in user acquisition, user retention, and user engagement. These are all important to a growth hacker. Unfortunately, just shooting off any email won’t work. It has to be perfectly timed and super relevant users. The only way to do this, without spending hours a day manually emailing each user, is by using trigger-based emails. Read More

unnamedThe phrase “There’s no such a thing as a second chance for making a great first impression” is never truer than when it comes to your users.

The first time your user signs into your product is the most important one. Get that experience wrong and you will churn your new signups faster than you can say: “Content marketing is king.” All the money you spend and the hacks you use on customer acquisition will bewasted. Get how important this is? It costs you time and money.

Getting new users to stay and use your platform is hard. Even with a good user experience, you’re probably looking at a rate of around 40–60% of returning active users after the first usage – it’s a tough battle. There are many hacks you can use to get old users back – drip email campaigns, new features etc. – but convincing a new user who has had a bad experience to give your product a second chance is three times harder than getting them to sign up in the first place.

Your users’ first time experience has to be no less than amazing. Read More

love-button-hi-res-1024x682Once you’ve got users on your site and engaged, the next thing to worry about is user retention. ‘User retention’ refers to the proportion of customers who come back to your site and use your product on a regular basis. The main driver of good retention is good product/market fit but having an awesome product that actually solves people’s problems isn’t enough to ensure growth. Here are a few tactics you can use to make sure people keep coming back. Read More

12 proven ways to giveaway campaigns

Growing your email list, by hundreds or thousands of new subscribers shouldn’t be hard. Finding new Facebook or Twitter fans shouldn’t cost you thousands. Generating social stories, getting your videos on YouTube watched, and driving traffic doesn’t have to required expensive software or complicated technologies. Growth hacking really is about using good information and making informed decisions in a creative way to spur the health of your user base. Giveaway campaigns are great for getting people talking about your brand. But it’s the perfect giveaway that sparks dynamic growth we’re all seeking!

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