In the growth phase of a company marketers use the most commonly known marketing channels like social media, search engine optimisation, content marketing etc but as the company starts to hit the product market fit the problem of growth becomes a little more complicated and marketers look for more lucrative channels for rapid growth.

Incredible things happen in Krakow. Careful observers of the Polish startup scene probably know that for some time now on Facebook and Twitter the #OMGKRK hashtag can be seen ever more often. It is not a coincidence nor, against what the skeptics might have claimed, a temporary anomaly. This informal brand, maybe rather something like a flag or an emblem, has momentarily united plenty of people. They have set themselves a single goal – to jointly create the coolest startup community in this part of the globe.

Another crop of top-notch articles for anyone into growth hacking (and all the areas that form part of it). If you happened to be asleep or in a cave through November, this is what you missed.