5 Must-Read Articles for Growth Hackers – January Edition

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I have prepared a quick summary of most interesting articles that showed up last month. I highly encourage you to read them thoroughly as they are amazing pieces of valuable content. To convince you, I prepared a little summary of each.

1. How To Steal Your Competitor’s Social Media Followers

Social media is an extremely important in user acquisition process and you simply have to take it seriously. Setting up and account, posting few times won’t bring you valuable followers who can turn customers someday. Starting is easy, but how to get so many followers? This post will show you few tips how to do it. Among them:

  • Understanding the power of networking
  • Analyzing your competitors on Facebook using tools like Fanpage Karma
  • Analyzing your competitors on Twitter using tools like Twitonomy
  • Analyzing your competitors on Google+ using tools like CircleCount
  • Other tricks like cross promoting


2. 22 Ways to Reduce Churn with Growth Hacking

In short, churn rate is a metric that tells you how many clients leave you and your product. It is very important and more people are getting really aware of it. There are many ways to measure it, but how to mitigate it? Lincoln Murphy lists out some growth hacking (or marketing really?) tactics to overcome this problem. Some of them:

  • Segment your client’s pool as deeply as you can
  • Use your follow-up emails wisely
  • Introduce smart Cancel Flows to reduce the number of cancellations
  • Manage expectations using surveys


3. Double Your Conversions in 30 Days

This is just an awesome tutorial delivered by Neil Patel. Rather a lengthy piece of content on conversions rate optimisation. It consists of 30 ways (yes, each day one) to make your visitors/clients covert. It’s done Patel’s way, looks good and in simple words covers the topic a little bit deeper than just the basics. Read it and find out about:

  • Setting conversion goals and measuring them
  • Optimizing landing pages and shifting towards conversion-centred design
  • A/B testing
  • Tools helping you increase the activation like CrazyEgg or live chat software


4. 11 A/B Split Testing Mistakes I See Businesses Make All The Time

A/B testing is probably one of the things that are mostly associated with growth hacking. It’s a little bit of magic with some simple tasks. Everyone wants to do it and many people do, sometimes making fundamental mistakes that mess up the results. Peep Laja noted few mistakes that he encountered in his career as a CRO expert, some of them:

  • Not paying attention to statistical significance, in other words, running tests on too little visitors and conversions
  • Testing without prior hypothesis which means testing without a clear goal, that can drive you anywhere you want
  • Expecting huge conversion increase and neglecting small gains like few % and giving up too early


5. 6 Predictions for the Marketing World in 2014

And there is the last one post from Rand Fishkin from Moz. Probably should be taken with a grain of salt but Rand has a very good insight into the marketing market. He evaluated his last’s year predictions (turned out to be more less accurate overall) and made a right guess that for example the number of Apple App store experts will not rise. This is something interesting. Some of his 2014 predictions are:

  • Number of content marketing experts will rise
  • Google will test SERPs with no external, organic links
  • Pinterest will outnumber Twitter in referral traffic sent to other sites


Image credits - Flicr