5 Must-Read Articles for Growth Hackers – November Edition

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Another crop of top-notch articles for anyone into growth hacking (and all the areas that form part of it). If you happened to be asleep or in a cave through November, this is what you missed.

1. Remarketing: How to Make Your Content Marketing and SEO up to 7x More Awesome 

This is an inspiring article for anyone unfamiliar with remarketing. Larry Kim from WordStream presents a very interesting case study of his company. Remarketing allowed them to achieve huge growth in sales leads. Read this article to find out about:

  • What problems you can overcome with remarketing
  • How to increase conversion rates using that strategy
  • What it takes to build a successful campaign


2. 1,000+ Subscribers from a Single Blog Post in 24 Hours

This is the amazing story of how Groove scored a big hit in content promotion. It is a step-by-step guide to building a loyal audience. The key lesson from the story is to build personal relationships with influencers before you need them. Read it to also find out about:

  • How to build an influencers list
  • How to engage with them
  • How to make them promote your content
  • How to manage your readers


3. 16 Growth Hacks from Gleam.io

Gleam is a product that helps with user engagement. They launched just few months ago and are currently making good progress towards success. It the post, Stuart McKeown describes the kind of tactics they used to grow their business. Among them are:

  • Freemium models
  • Facebook and other platforms integrations
  • Personal/direct contact


4. Why “Simple” Websites are Scientifically Better.

You can optimise conversion in many different ways. As well as CTA placement and easy onboarding, design plays a huge part in user experience. Research says that visually complex websites are rated lower than those with simple and even predictable layouts. Read this guest post from Tommy Walker to find out:

  • Find out that every little detail counts
  • Know what to do when planning a better design
  • See examples how these tactics hugely influenced the conversion


5. The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing.

Last month, I featured a similar source from Neil Patel (in the form of videos). His work is so good and prolific I can’t resist sharing it again. This time, a massive, 40k word ebook about online marketing. This guide is a solid foundation to the topic, covering the most important topics, including:

  • How to be a story teller
  • How to drive traffic
  • What to do with the traffic to generate more profit

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