5 Must-Read Articles for Growth Hackers – October Edition

Growth hacking news

Growth hacking is attracting more and more attention. Marketing people, and not only marketing people, are starting to realize that Growth Hacking is here to stay. As the volume of material being written about Growth Hacking grows, it’s becoming a challenge to pick out the gems from the dross.

Ever committed to my fellow growth hackers, I’m launching a regular series of blog posts that will identify the best and most important articles out there each month.

From now on, you need never miss anything important in the world of growth hacking!

 1. The easiest way to learn online marketing.

Neil Patel is a globally recognised top-flight expert in growth hacking. His amazing Guide to Growth Hacking is one of the most comprehensive sources on the topic. This is his next masterwork. It’s much more than an article, covering:

  • SEO
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Conversion Optimisation

There are several short videos for each topic, describing tactics in details. Aimed at beginners, it is an excellent knowledge source for the basics of growth hacking. Make some time and dip into over a hundred (!) videos.

2. How Artificial Scarcity Can Boost Desire

People fear losing out and missing out. How can you benefit from this? Simply by creating a sense of scarcity.

This tactic can be used in various situations. For example, Facebook changed a message saying “Send All Your Friends a Hug” to “You can only send 20 hugs today,” creating artificial scarcity.

As a result, people started sending a lot more hugs, even exceeding the limit. There are lots more examples in the text, plus some nice slides describing more growth hacks. All this is delivered by Ankur Nagpal, who has developed a huge number of Facebook apps.

 3. There’s Only One SaaS Sales Strategy You Really Need

This article is about what to do after you launch your great SaaS product. It explains the sales strategy you need to adopt in order to make it grow.

There is only one strategy – and it’s not sales. It is building a great product that makes your customer successful. Success sells itself.

The article includes some great examples of how SaaS providers have helped their clients succeed, including:

  • Commitment to customer support (free phone support for all etc.)
  • Hassle-free and friendly onboarding (as much hand-holding as possible)
  • Valuable educational guides

Find out more in this great KISSmetrics blog post, delivered by Garrett Moon.

4. New Facebook Marketing Research Shows What Works

Social Media is a very important part of any online marketing strategy. Growth hackers are smart and data-driven. It is important to stay on top of current research about which social media activities pay off and which are a waste of time.

In this article, delivered by Patricia Redsicker from Social Media Examiner, you will find five interesting findings from the latest Facebook research. Among them:

  • Facebook hashtags don’t work
  • Almost 80% of US Facebook users are mobile

5. Google Hummingbird

In September, Google announced a big change to its Hummingbird search algorithm. It was one of the most important changes to search functionality in the last few years. What are they?

  • Better understanding of more complex search requests
  • Better understanding of human queries in order to respond to meanings rather than keywords
  • Semantic relevance is king

In short, one of the main conclusion is that genuine content creators are in favour of today’s internet. Find out more reading post from Eric Enge on Coppyblogger.com.

Image credits - Flickr